Warehouse Heating & Cooling Project

Appointed directly by the client as the principle contractor, we were tasked with designing and installing a bespoke heating and cooling concept across 10 small to medium-sized warehouses.

Each of the warehouses remained fully operational throughout the project, with our team maintaining a ‘business as usual’ environment for the client while working on each of the warehouses simultaneously.

The project was completed on time and on budget.


• Design a bespoke heating and cooling concept, using Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations to optimise the solution for each warehouse

• Oversee the construction phase health and safety plan, including F10 submissions, CDM sigtemanagement, structural calculations and building control sign off

• Install the bespoke systems, which comprised of gas-fired radiant geating working in tandem with destratification fans and HVLS fans, designed to provide evaporative cooling in warmer months

• Integrate all systems onto an automatic control system, with the facility to integrate onto the client’s global building management system

Sector: Logistics
Value: £7m
Duration: 18 weeks

Warehouse Heating & Cooling Project